Children's Books About Swimming

10:44 AM

Here are a few books you might want to purchase or check out at the local library to read to your children before their swimming lessons:

Swim, Little Wombat, Swim
Little Wombat would love to swim. But are wombats meant for the water...or is he better off staying on dry land?
Every child who has ever eyed the swimming pool nervously will happily follow Little Wombat's success.

Maisy Learns to Swim
Today Maisy is going swimming for the first time, and she is a little nervous. Good thing Eddie and Tallulah are coming, too. Eddie is a natural, but Maisy and Tallulah get into the pool slowly — ooh, it’s freezing! But soon they are kicking and floating and even blowing bubbles with the rest. Whether water-shy or raring to go, young readers will find much to relate to as Maisy experiences another childhood first.

Abigail Learns to Swim
A book for 2-6-year-old children about overcoming fear and building self-confidence.

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